The advantages of diving watches – total peace o

Absolutely loose from fogging, strain-resistant at any on hand diving depth and best clarity from any attitude under water – those are the unbeatable blessings of our diving watches prepared with HYDRO Technology. How does it paintings? The
Swiss made dive watch  motion, dial and arms are immersed without delay in a crystal-clear bath of oil. The watch is consequently loose from fogging, as there’s no air in the case.

Filling the HYDRO watch case. The version shown right here is the UX GSG9 (EZM 2B).
The principle
In a HYDRO watch case, the movement, dial and hands are held in a crystal-clear bath of fluid with the equal refractive index as that of the sapphire crystal glass. This approach that the mild pondered through the dial and hands isn’t refracted as it enters the sapphire crystal glass.

The fluid is also incompressible. It replaces the air in the case which necessarily carries moisture. This yields an entire variety of blessings.


The modern generation of our HYDRO watches, the UX (EZM 2B) collection. Compared with diving watches of different brands. Thanks to Hydro-Technology, Sinn is the most effective logo that enables mirrored image-unfastened, underwater viewing.
Advantage: Reflection-free underneath water
The crystal of a traditional diver’s watch will necessarily replicate mild underneath water – however no longer a HYDRO watch. A HYDRO watch may be study from indirect angles below water, simply as it could when out of water. The cause for the feature mirroring impact is the entire mirrored image on the lowest of the crystal. If the optical medium of sapphire crystal is succeeded through the medium of air (looking toward the dial), the mild will only be meditated and now not refracted from a positive attitude. This prevents the mild from penetrating the interface between the sapphire crystal and the air-crammed area containing the hands. From this attitude, the impact is much like that of looking at a mirror. The arms are not seen.

Replacing the air in the hollow space containing the arms with a fluid which stocks the same optical characteristics because the sapphire crystal glass neutralises this effect, making the watch face completely readable even at quite oblique angles.

Advantage: Completely unfastened from fogging
The absence of any air inside the case maintains our HYDRO watches completely unfastened from fogging. Fogging only takes place in air which incorporates moisture; this can condense if the temperate falls below the “dew point”. Where there’s no air humidity – there can be no condensation!

Advantage: Pressure-resistant in any respect possible diving depths
Fluids are without a doubt incompressible. The membrane lower back lets in the inner strain of the watch to modify constantly to the external strain. Thus the HYDRO watch is stress-resistant at any accessible diving depth. The stress load which in any other case builds among the inner meeting pressure of a watch (1 bar) and the outside water strain (which will increase by means of 1 bar in keeping with 10 m intensity of water) does not rise up in a HYDRO watch.

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